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Apparently I upset at least a couple of readers by suggesting that they are responsible for their job search, and that if the search isn't going well, you might consider launching your own business. Although my articles were not intended to be political talking points, I was accused of that. There was also the dig about the Christian church as well.

But I stand by my points. You are responsible for your results. Unemployment in the Charlotte region is the highest it has been in at least 20 years. It currently stands at 12.8%. However, based on other studies suggesting the national unemployment level is likely over 16%, the unemployment rate in Charlotte is likely higher. In Hickory, one of the hardest hit areas due to it's manufacturing base, the unemployment rate is over 15%.


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So my last article, I finished it by stating that regardless of what you read in the news, you are responsible for your own employment. I then suggested that you might need to consider launching your own venture.

Apparently this paragraph set off one of my readers on The commenter took issue with suggesting that an individual with no skills could start their own business without money. They then took to making my points a political statement and a result of a "misguided protestant work ethic."it

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So the news is talking about more job fairs coming to town. Are they worth the trouble? What are the advantages/disadvantages of going? When should you go, and when should you stay home? For me personally, I enjoy job fairs about as much as the county or state fair, which I haven't been to in years.


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