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All too often we limit ourselves as to the options available to us. We see most options as binary, that is, one or the other. We don't look for imaginative or creative solutions to the "problems" we are presented,or we discount things that interest us as being unable to generate income. Why is that?

I just came back from a trade show today in Greenville, SC, on behalf of a client I'm working with whose story we will feature soon.  After speaking to several of the vendors there, I left very encouraged about the project we are working on, and that her project finally coming to fruition. It's been a long journey for her, and she is starting to see the dream come true after a number of setbacks. What if she had just thrown this idea to the side after she hit her first roadblocks two years ago? She didn't do that and now we believe that early in 2010, she will begin to earn an income from her idea.

I also talked to another friend today whose husband is starting to pursue the possibility of creating an income stream from one his passions. I haven't met him yet, but expect to in the not-too-distant future. At an event I attended with his wife in Atlanta last month, we discussed how many people, particularly women, were consulting with him about self-defense. And now, just a little over a month later, he has gone out and received certifications that will now allow him to monetize his passion.

What are you going to do? Will you continue to marvel at the folks who come up with ideas like the Snuggie, pet rocks, and other clever ideas? Listen, if there is a market for your idea, and it's a passion, you need to look at turning that idea into an income stream, and stop being dependent upon someone else to provide your paycheck. Alternatively, if you choose to work for "the man", you need to make yourself valuable enough to survive the downturns and budget cuts.

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