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You may be the biggest obstacle to your job search

Apparently I upset at least a couple of readers by suggesting that they are responsible for their job search, and that if the search isn't going well, you might consider launching your own business. Although my articles were not intended to be political talking points, I was accused of that. There was also the dig about the Christian church as well.

But I stand by my points. You are responsible for your results. Unemployment in the Charlotte region is the highest it has been in at least 20 years. It currently stands at 12.8%. However, based on other studies suggesting the national unemployment level is likely over 16%, the unemployment rate in Charlotte is likely higher. In Hickory, one of the hardest hit areas due to it's manufacturing base, the unemployment rate is over 15%.


So what do you do? Well, if you are looking to work for someone else, and not be self-employed, you need to demonstrate to the hiring manager that you bring value to the company. The rule of thumb is that you must bring 3 - 5 times your salary to be of benefit. Therefore, if you are looking for a job that pays $30K a year, you need to bring $90K - $150K of value to the company. It's that simple.

It is true that lower-skilled workers are going to have a more difficult time finding jobs, but that doesn't negate their responsibility to demonstrate their value, or to consider launching their own business. Government cannot fix this problem. If you lack skills, go get them. Go to school. Study on-line. There are plenty of free resources on-line to get you started, and there are lower cost ones as well. Many states, including North Carolina, are helping workers retrain so they can develop the knowledge and skills to work in a new field.

You can write whiny comments and complain about my lack of understanding, but that is not going to help you get back to work. You need to have skills for the work you like, and you need to develop an effective job search strategy that entails more than just surfing the on-line ads and replying to them. You need to identify the companies you want to work for and go after them, even if it means walking in their door looking for work.

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