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It’s a wonderful time to look for work

We are at that time of year where folks slow down their job search. There’s a perception that companies aren’t hiring, and we get distracted by all of the year-end activities taking place If you’re in transition, or you want a change, this could very well be the best time of the year for you.

While many of us are in the process of holiday preparation, or winding down our projects at work, budgets are also being prepared for next year. Companies are looking to fill positions so they can begin the New Year off right. So what can you do?

First off, keep looking! Make a list of 30 – 40 companies that meet the requirements of what you are looking for. What are your skills, abilities, values, dreams, and passions that are fulfilled by the work you want to do?

After you identify the companies that you are interested in working for, send your introduction letter. Follow this with your cover letter and resume a few days later. After about a week, follow up with a call.

Make sure you build your network. LinkedIn has grown dramatically and is an excellent tool by which you can increase your networking skills. Don’t give up. Finish 2010 with an active plan, and hit 2011 running!

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