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A couple of weeks ago, my pastor shared 5 points about gratitude that I really want to share with you. Even my teenage daughters took notes on these, and you might want to also:

  1. Gratitude is never invisible or silent. - Watch how folks react during an Oprah's favorite things segment. It will blow you away.
  2. Gratitude sustains joy and blessing.
  3. Gratitude begins where my sense of entitlement ends.
  4. Grateful people can find a blessing, enlarge a blessing, or create a blessing in almost any situation. The opposite applies to those who we call CRAP FACTORIES! You know who these people are, or may be one yourself. If you're a crap factory - STOP!
  5. Gratitude increases favor and creates opportunity.

It's easy to be a crap factory, but being grateful for what we have, and what comes our way allows us to grow and experience far more success in our lives. And you will be so much more fun to be with!

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