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The limitations of hesitating

I have come to believe that one of the most limiting statements today is "I'll think about it." Apparently, it's a lot easier than just saying no for some people, but the result is just the same. The sad part is, this is not just limited to older and more experienced individuals. This is also becoming prevalent with today's youth. They seem to be running around with life-limiting blinders on. This is a shame.

If you're more experienced in your work life, this is a great time for you to evaluate where you want to go next. The best years of your life are ahead of you as I explained to a group attending a seminar I taught recently. I was particularly inspired by the story of an amputee named Norm. He is using what many might perceive as a disability or bad situation in life to fulfill his calling to help other amputees by being an amputee advocate for those struggling with becoming amputees themselves!


The majority of my attendees were unemployed, and most were likely over the age of 45. I explained that this is a wonderful opportunity for them to pursue their passions in life. At this stage, they have acquired an array of skills and abilities, along with experiences, to help them in virtually any job or career they choose to pursue.

The current economic downturn has seen an increase in the number of individuals starting their own business and pursuing their passions. However, there is still a big misconception out there that self-employment is too risky. What is risky is entrusting your future in the hands of a big corporate employer! Working for yourself, you can define who your target market is, market towards that market, and define your own path. How awesome is that?

It's not easy to launch your own business, but I'm not convinced it's way more difficult than competing with 50 or 100 people for the same corporate job. You need to make a plan for what you want to do, how you're going to do it, and set goals along the way. Also, being accountable to those who believe in you will help keep you on track.

When job and career changes come by, how do you handle them? What is the likelihood of you making a change by "thinking about it?" If you're younger, why wouldn't you just pick up and move to the place of your dreams and start life there? This is the best opportunity to do so.

Here's my bottom line about this: If there is something you're passionate about, go ahead and pursue it. Purge the naysayers from your life, and surround yourself with folks who will encourage you AND will keep you accountable. There is a big difference between having someone who wants to hold you back versus someone who will give you honest accountability and feedback.

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