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One layoff notice, two responses

You're happily (sort of) working along when you get the news that your job is going to end in two weeks. What now? The man who receives this notice is actually thrilled (mostly) with this idea. The job has gotten to the point where it is sucking the life out of him. His passion is to start his own business, and this change will allow him to focus more time on that. Yes, finances may be tough for a bit, but the long-term goal is so close now!

His wife, not so much. She knew his job was going to end soon, but not this soon. Her husband brings in most of the family's income, so she is nervous. How does this get resolved?

If the wife isn't confident or supportive of herĀ  husband's dreams, she's going to be pushing him to find another job. If she feels this way, then he apparently has not successfully communicated his dreams and plans as to how he will proceed. We can't leave those who depend on us in the dark. Their support should be a component in our plan for success.

This is an area that I constantly work on. Recently, my wife Laura and I went to Columbia, SC to get away and spend some time together. I don't always balance my priorities well, so it was nice to step away from my work to focus on our relationship. During our time away, I was able to share with her my plans for and how I see it fitting into our future. While I make a decent living in the Information Technology arena as a project manager, it's not my passion. In fact, I'd argue that the longer I stay in it, the worse it is. will allow me to incorporate my values and passions into work I love.

If you have a passion for a career path or work that fulfills your calling, I'd encourage you to make a plan to pursue it. Time's moving by. There's a world out there waiting for you to make a difference in it. You may not have a national or international stage, but you have people in the world right around you that you can help by doing work you love. If you stay working for a company at a job you hate, you don't need to be whining about others making more money than you, or how your company stinks.

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