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An opportunity to grow my audience. Will you please help?

microphone-smAs you may be aware, I like to encourage folks to pursue their passions, and to find ways to find an audience. Such an opportunity has come up for me for my coaching, but I need your help. It should take you less than 2 minutes.

Our local AM powerhouse, WBT, is hosting a contest for their next talker on Sunday nights from 6 - 8 PM. To participate, contestants need to create a video and get the greatest number of "likes" for their video. After contemplating this idea, I decided to enter the contest. We are in the voting phase of round 1 which ends on Thursday morning, 11/10/11 at 9:59 AM.

As a coach, and having taught workshops in churches, non-profits, and now at the community college level, I have seen many folks who are either in jobs they hate, or stuck trying to find work that is satisfying. That is one reason why I've been preparing a podcast to be called Cure For The Common Cubicle. This is also the concept for my radio show entry. I want to answer questions from listeners, and provide resources and information to help them. This is an amazing opportunity.

So here's how the contest works, and what I need from you:

The contest is in 3 rounds, and we're currently in round 1. This round will take the top 7 submissions receiving the most likes, along with 3 more selected by the committee, and take them to the second round. The second round includes an on-air appearance and another round of voting.

Currently, I'm lagging behind in the popular vote, so I could use your help. Several folks have contacted me as they were uncertain if their vote took, or that the website was acting up. So here are the steps to ensure your vote counts:

  1. Go to my video entry here. (Note: A new window will open)
  2. Below the video, you will see a "like" button. Click it and the following should appear below the button.
  3. If you don't have an account, you need to sign up (you can unsubcribe anytime)
  4. Once you have voted, the like button will change to "unlike", and the vote counter will increase.
  5. Tell your friends!

That's it! I will apprise you of the results on Thursday. Thanks in advance for your support. I'm very excited about the possibility of helping folks through the medium of radio.

Remember I need your vote by Thursday, November 10, at 9:59 AM.

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