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Are you making excuses for being unemployed?

job-discrimination-claims-hit-record-high-reports-eeocA recent article in the Charlotte Observer noted that there is a large gap between minority applicants and white applicants in terms of success in finding jobs as well as just the general unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in the black community today is roughly 50% higher than it is in the white community, and the Hispanic community also seems to be suffering a higher unemployment rate than the white community as well.

Is this a sign of racism? I don't think so, although it may play a case in rare situations. Older workers are struggling to find work also. Virtually every demographic group you can think of is gonna complain about their inability to find a job. The truth of the matter is that currently, the unemployment rate hovering around 9.1% nationally, and much higer in certain other areas. If you factor in the under-employment rate and those who have given up looking, the rate hovers much closer to 17%.

 The truth of the matter is, you can find a number of reasons why you are not employed. People are discriminated against every day, because of their weight, gender, appearance and age. Yes this is illegal. So what are you going to do about it? Most of the time people are not getting the jobs they interview for because of shortcomings in their job search process.

Even in this worst-case situation, 83% of us are employed in one way or another. But this is not a reason to give up on the job search. It certainly shouldn't distract you from finding work that fits within your skills and abilities, your values, dreams, passions, and your personality tendencies. I believe that I have not gotten jobs before because of my age, and even because I'm a white male. So what? Let's just say I do not want to waste my time at a company that is going to look down on me because of my experience in life. I just don't have any time for that. I want to work or be an environment that appreciates me for what I bring to the table.

You and I are better off not even working for places like that. As always, I am encouraging people to look into creating their own opportunities. The days of the long corporate career are pretty much over now. While there are people that do work for large corporations, it's gonna be much more difficult to maintain that position for 20 and 30 years. It seems that in some cases we're going back to the models of the pre-factory to where families are doing work together. People are able to pursue their passions.

Look into what really gets you excited and looking forward to the morning. It is far more productive to wake up excited about your work than it is to trudge into a place and collect a paycheck to put food on the table. There many resources out there to help you look for work that you love. Even your local community should be able to help you discover classes that help you start your own business. Here in the Charlotte area.

Living just outside of the Charlotte area in the local rural county, we have community colleges that put together courses to help the budding entrepreneur. Take advantage of those opportunities. Join the community. It's a free resource. Subscribe to blogs of people that are getting it done. Just do not linger on the fact that somebody doesn't like you because of the color your skin, your age, the shape of your body, or whatever other ridiculous reasons why people may think. not want to hire you your are better off not working for them in the first place.

What is most important is that you ensure that you are not sabotaging your job search process. You need to have a good resume. You need to have good interview skills. And most of all, you need to be looking for a job it's not just something that comes along.

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