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Getting a job with a black mark on your record

criminal recordI received a question the other day regarding a gentleman who was having trouble finding work. He had been working from home at the beginning of the year and had interviewed for a position with a large company. After being offered a position, he gave his notice to his employer. Shortly after, the new company rescinded the offer because of a misdemeanor on his record regarding over-payment of unemployment benefits. He had mentioned it during his interview and was told that it wouldn't be an issue. However, after doing the background check, the company appeared to not be comfortable with the charge and declined to hire him.

Part of the challenge in answering a question such as this is not knowing more specific information. I'm uncertain as to what he was doing from home before he interviewed with the large employer, but it sounds like he has skills that are transferable to many places. However, let's just focus on the criminal record issue.

 He obviously did nothing wrong by being forthright with potential employers. That being said, because of his record, there are industries and companies that he will be unable to work for at least a period of time. It is unfortunate that Merck rescinded their offer after he had provided this notice, but it sounds like that job was going to end anyways. My recommendation is that he continues to be involved with ProNet for the benefit of networking and improving his skills in the job search.

Angelo should also look into expanding his sphere of companies he's looking to work for. The NCESC has a listing of companies by county, and by industry. I would recommend that he utilize that listing and identify 30 to 40 companies that he would be interested in working for. He should also look into industries other than pharmaceuticals and financial services an expanded his search. There are many industries that will not have as stringent requirements on one's background as these two. He should also make sure that he does not focus on just a large employers. We know that over 97% of the jobs are with companies of less than 100 people.

I would also recommend that you consider contacting some of the consultant firms in the area. Many employers particularly the large ones are bringing in talent through these firms to handle short-term jobs. This would at least give him time to clear his record and to prove himself. Regardless, he should continue to be open and honest about his record but only bring it up at the appropriate time in the interview process.

Finally, I would heartily recommend that he do a thorough assessment of his skills and abilities your values dreams and passions combine those with his strength and personality skills to find work that he really wants to do. This may lead him down the path to start his own business. Many businesses today can be started the very quickly and with little or no capital investment.

If you are looking to change your work or career situation, feel free to contact me. As always, I provide a free 30-minute consultation. I'm interested in people finding work they are passionate about rather than being stuck in a cubicle getting the life sucked out of them.

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