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How's your life/work balance? Even Steve Jobs got it wrong

gymWe often talk about having a balanced with respect to our lives. I've taught this also in my coaching. For the record, I divide my life wheel into seven categories: Family, Career, Spiritual, Financial, Social, Physical, and Personal Development. Ideally, you or I will consider our lives balanced if we are finding our desired success in each of these areas. In one of the several stories I read following the death of Steve Jobs, it indicated that Steve spent his final days with his children, explaining why he hadn't always been there. The story indicated regret on Mr. Jobs' part. This is not an unusual story. I have no recollection of any successful man on his deathbed wishing he had just spent a little more time in the office.

 I will confess here that I don't do it all that well. I get distracted by shiny objects all the time. It's frustrating for me as well as my family. When I started up this year, it became very easy to spend hours on end on the computer trying to work on things. With various things that have happened in the past year or so, I've found myself becoming very reactionary, handling crises as they occur rather than consistently determining my path.

If you look at my wheel as of recently, You'll see that the imbalance has become very bad, and that has come at the expense of family, spiritual, and physical health. Everything has been migrating to Career, truth be told. It has taken away from my health, family, and spiritual sections, all in the name of getting the business off the ground. I fell for the lie also!

I'm happy to say this is stopping now. I am moving purposefully back to getting back in alignment. I'm seizing control. Last Saturday, I met with a friend who shares similar goals and desires in the family and spiritual area. We are going to meet weekly going forward to keep each other accountable. He has permission to ask me during the week how I'm doing so I can stay on track.

In the physical realm, I've hired a trainer. My drug of choice for years has been Mountain Dew. I am addicted to it, and it's how I medicate when stressed. As a result of this, and my slacking off of physical exercise, my health is not where it should be. And I can't win this without accountability. Therefore, I have hired William Smith, owner of Intrafitt, as my personal trainer. Will and his staff will work with me to create and attain goals for my physical health, and we are going to set big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAG). I am going to blog on this journey over the next couple of months, and I'll share the results with you. I will tell you that I have almost finished the first week, and my energy levels are being restored.

If you are struggling with balance, or even just attaining your goals, consider setting up an accountability system. For me, it helps to have someone to check me, but you may not require that. Just make sure you're checking your life wheel. If the journey seems extra bumpy, you might just need a balance adjustment. Heck, there may even be an app or two for that.

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