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Where are the jobs? Searching for work

As I sit down this morning at my computer to plan a set of articles, I look online at the local paper's stories regardng unemployment. If you're not careful, it will discourage you. In a society fueled by the never ending cycle of news, the current view appears to be that things are beyond your control due to government inaction, government intrusion, corporate greed, and stingy banks. What's one to do?

Out of five personal stories in an editorial today, only one was from a lady who didn't complain about her situation, but got up and did what needed to be done to find work that she wanted, not just needed. The other four blamed their age, having to start over, the state's residents, the government, and the recession that supposedly ended 2 years ago.


I'm pretty passionate in my belief that one can find work they are passionate about for a salary they deem acceptable. The days of putting all of one's hopes in the corporate career for 20 - 30 years are over. The idea that you can pluck yourself into a cozy government job and retire at 50 with a lifetime pension likely won't be around much longer, I hope. We are beginning to see governments buckly under the unsustainable pension models that also have impacted automakers and other large corporations. People are going to be responsible for their own retirements once again.

Ir's not going to be easy. Nothing worthwhile typically is. There will be sacrifice and effort. The woman who wrote a positive story in today's paper had to take odd jobs before making a "bold career change". She found a position back in her old hometown in Texas and took it. In a few months she was hired as a permanent employee and doubled her salary. On top of that, she was able to get a transfer back to North Carolina where she wanted to be. She didn't complain or blame. Instead, she made a plan and buckled down.

To some, I may sound unsympathetic. That's far from the truth. I have been laid off, fired, passed over because of my age, skin color, beliefs, and personality. I've worked at jobs that sucked the life out of me to the point where I would weep because of how miserable I was. Even now, as I build towards my dream, there is sacrifice, struggle, failure, and success. My goal is to help you past the "stinkin' thinkin'" and to achieve your potential, whether it be the job that fits, or the fulfillment of your self-employment dream.

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