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An Example of Someone Following Their Dreams

I came across this YouTube video today from some friends on Facebook. The story involves a lady from Scotland. She is 47, unemployed, unremarkable in appearance, and appearing on the British show "Britain's Got Talent". This description alone has all the makings of a train wreck. The lady's name is Susan Boyle. When Simon Cowell asks her why she is on the show, she states that she wants to fulfill her dream of being a professional singer. After the smirks and eye rolls from Simon and several audience members, Susan explains the reason she isn't a professional singer is due to the fact that she has never been given the chance, and she sees this as her opportunity. I will let you watch the video from this point on. You can watch it here.

My conclusion from watching this is that here is a fantastic example of an individual who understands her skills, abilities, values, dreams, and passions. Consequently, she is pursuing the work she loves. Granted, the first appearance of Susan causes one to doubt, but this is something easily resolved. What in the world is holding you back?

I read about and encounter people regularly who are dissatisfied with their jobs, or where they are at in life. We all too often pass judgment on people because of the way they appear, or quirks in their behavior. We fail to value and appreciate them as individuals created and loved by an amazing God. I don't know anything else about Susan Boyle, but I hope she wins that show, and continues to cause people to evaluate their attitudes as she did on this show.

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