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Is there really any good news?

That was the gist of my conversation with a local morning news producer recently. About a week and a half ago, I sent her some information about the upcoming job-search workshop in the Charlotte area and explained how it would be different from any other workshop. She called me back to express her interest in what we're doing and to set up a time to bring me on their show to talk about it.

During our conversation, she asked me if there really is anything positive to tell the job seeker out there today. I said "Absolutely!" Our workshop will teach people how to incorporate their personality tendencies into their job search and focus on finding a job that fits who they are. I told her that during times of economic downturn, new ideas and new opportunities are created and acted upon. Individuals who have always had an idea about working for themselves suddenly have the motivation to do so.

Also, recent research in our area has shown that the number of franchises being purchased and started is higher than it's been in recent memory. Many great companies have sprung up during economic crises. Baxter International, a pharmaceutical company, started during the Great Depression and today is worth $37 billion. Southwest Airlines, FedEx, Microsoft, and Oracle all began during the 1970s "stagflation" crisis.

Remember, when someone starts a business, they are trying to solve a problem. Is there a problem you want to a create a solution for? I'm working with a client right now who before the end of this year will introduce a new product solving a problem that she is passionate about. She is not letting the current economic crisis deter her from fulfilling her dream and her passion.

Even if you don't look at working for yourself,looking for a job is selling yourself to solve a problem a company has. Do you have an effective marketing plan that will cause an employer to want to hire you? What is that problem that you want to solve? Do you have a plan to bring your idea to the marketplace?

If you need help with putting together a plan, contact me for a Free 30-minute Consultation.

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