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One of the examples in Seth's blog that resounded with me referred to job risk. Seth says "Apparent risk is what keeps someone working at a big company, even if it's doing layoffs. It feels safer to stay there than to do the (apparently) insanely risky thing and start a new venture." I have been saying similar things for years to my coworkers in the corporate world.

When I worked at an avionics firm years ago, many engineers complained about the hours they were being required to work, and others perceived inequities while the industry was going through a downturn. It was far easier to pitch a fit than make a change. I noticed a few who decided to do something about it and jumped over to a financial services firm a few miles away. They took an apparently risky choice to move to an industry that was somewhat unfamiliar to them while those who stayed were taking an actual risk that their job would still be there at the end of the day.

Do you fear apparent risk more than actual risk? I understand that it can be scary to venture into the unknown by looking for a new job, career, or even an independent venture. Are you so comfortable with the actual risk of staying where you are today that you are not looking for work that fits, or worse, that you are not preparing for an inevitable change?

Risk is always around us. The key is doing risk assessment and risk mitigation. By setting goals in your career life, identifying the risks, and addressing them, the leap is not going to be as scary as just sitting where you are today doing nothing.

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