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We should not fear the threat of a layoff, but rather embrace the opportunity should it present itself.  More new businesses get started during recessions than at other times. One of the common things people who lose their jobs and then find a better job or career say is "getting fired was one of the best things that ever happened to me."

A layoff is a great time to decide your next employment opportunity,or to finally pursue your dream. If owning your own business isn't your calling, then make sure that the next position you do take is a good fit for you  and not just another paycheck.

A conviction I often try to share is that folks need to pursue their passions. As I attended the Christian Chamber of Commerce luncheon this week, a guy I just met was telling me that he thought this must be a difficult time to coach folks or to start a business because of the economy. I told him that it's a great time to be working with folks or starting a business because it is times like this where ideas get launched and people can take the time to evaluate where they are in life. Large corporations are shedding workers like crazy. 3 million jobs have been lost in the past year. Are all of the workers who have been laid off poor performers? Of course not! There are extremely talented people getting laid off. I still believe that those who get laid off can be the winners in this. This is a time where those in transition can work on implementing their dreams.

This opportunity is not restricted to those out of work. Individuals staying behind often take on bigger work loads. Benefits have been reduced and are not likely to return, or certainly not to the levels they used to be. There is much less loyalty to employees than has been seen before. Hopefully this will become a catalyst for people to

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