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job-discrimination-claims-hit-record-high-reports-eeocA recent article in the Charlotte Observer noted that there is a large gap between minority applicants and white applicants in terms of success in finding jobs as well as just the general unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in the black community today is roughly 50% higher than it is in the white community, and the Hispanic community also seems to be suffering a higher unemployment rate than the white community as well.

Is this a sign of racism? I don't think so, although it may play a case in rare situations. Older workers are struggling to find work also. Virtually every demographic group you can think of is gonna complain about their inability to find a job. The truth of the matter is that currently, the unemployment rate hovering around 9.1% nationally, and much higer in certain other areas. If you factor in the under-employment rate and those who have given up looking, the rate hovers much closer to 17%.

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