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I have come to believe that one of the most limiting statements today is "I'll think about it." Apparently, it's a lot easier than just saying no for some people, but the result is just the same. The sad part is, this is not just limited to older and more experienced individuals. This is also becoming prevalent with today's youth. They seem to be running around with life-limiting blinders on. This is a shame.

If you're more experienced in your work life, this is a great time for you to evaluate where you want to go next. The best years of your life are ahead of you as I explained to a group attending a seminar I taught recently. I was particularly inspired by the story of an amputee named Norm. He is using what many might perceive as a disability or bad situation in life to fulfill his calling to help other amputees by being an amputee advocate for those struggling with becoming amputees themselves!

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