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The importance of finding life balance

The importance of finding life balance Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Recently, I was contacted by an individual who was seeking a life coach. Apparently, he had already contacted several other area life coaches, but none would help him. When I asked why, he explained that as soon as he mentioned he was getting counseling and psychiatric care, they said they couldn't help. This puzzled me as I'm unaware of any rules or laws prohibiting talking to an individual seeking help.

I explained that I always provide a 30 minute window to talk to a potential client. The purpose of this is to see we might be a good fit, so I was happy to talk with him about his career or life situation.

So I listened.

He explained that he had once held a good job that he enjoyed, and had worked up to a supervisory level. Things were great until one day he woke up but couldn't get out of bed. As we talked, it became apparent that he had an issue in his personal life that was precluding him from finding work in the workplace. 


It is imperative that we find balance in our lives. An unbalanced life is not much different that driving a car with a wheel out of balance. I believe there are 7 areas that require attention and balance: 

  1. Career
  2. Financial
  3. Spiritual
  4. Social
  5. Physical
  6. Family
  7. Personal Development

Neglecting one of more of these areas will spill over into the others. While this gentleman appears to be working on areas to get back to work, he's ignoring others that are preventing him from becoming completely functional again. I gave him the best direction that I could and asked him to call me back again. However, he's not ready to work with me.

It's easy to neglect some areas while focusing on others. One of the best solutions to finding meaningful work is to map out goals for these areas in your life. How are you doing in this?

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